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Download all routines including:

  • Back routine
  • Face routine
  • Front of leg routine*
  • Back of one leg routine*
  • Arm routine*
  • Foot routine*
  • Abdomen (female) routine
  • Chest and abdomen (male) routine

These are available at a special price of only £9.99 a saving of £2.50  from buying all the videos separately.

* Please note for routines covering the limbs – we only show one side of the body being massaged.

Total running time 1 hour 50 minutes.


Massage sequences: Michael Gibbons, Director College of Classical Massage Ltd.

Music: By David Watts. From the album ‘Seascape’ www.wattsmusic.co.uk

Film Recording/Production: Gabriel Foster-Prior.

With special thanks to :

Tezel and Clifton, for kindly donating your bodies for the massage sequences.

To all my past and present students and peers for your continued support and suggestions while making this DVD Your patience has been appreciated.