Chakra- Cleansing Guided Meditation




This powerful chakra cleansing meditation is great for using if you feel like you are stuck, or feeling negative/pessimistic, if you are feeling low. Some of the ways it can enhance your well-being are:

  • if you want more energy
  • to have a clearer head
  • enable you to connect with your higher self
  • open yourself to receive healing and rebalancing
  • help you feel invigorated and refreshed.

It can be listened to daily if you find this helpful, and can be particularly good at the end of a tough day, to clear your system and to enable you to quieten your mind and have a refreshing sleep.

This beautiful meditation is set to the backdrop of British woodland birdsong. Sit back, relax and receive!

Caution: Do not listen to meditations whilst driving or operating heavy machinery. They can make you drowsy.