Affirmations Meditation




These affirmations are designed to reconnect you to your authentic self. The part of you that knows how amazing you are. One positive thought can redress the balance of 100 negative ones.

You can listen to this as you walk to work, as you sit on the train.

Whilst listening, if you notice any negative thoughts come up, observe them, acknowledge their presence but reaffirm that you are letting of old thought patterns and beliefs that you no longer wish to have in your life.

These affirmations can also be listened to as you are falling asleep so you can absorb them subliminally through your subconscious mind. Your higher self will then work overnight, encouraging you to absorb and integrate these new beliefs about yourself into your life. You are amazing!

Caution: Do not listen to meditations whilst driving or operating heavy machinery. They can make you drowsy.