Sequences and Timings

How you put your massage together is up to you. I do not specify a particular order or number of strokes per sequence. The massage sequences are a guide to massage. You may wish to chop some of the routine out or add some other movements of your own.
Generally a massage should flow with the following elements.
Effleurage – Petrissage/Kneading – Frictions – Percussions – Effleurage.
Effleurage can also be used to link all sequences.

Below is a suggestion of a full body massage sequence for guidance for those that would like this:


Back: 20 – 25 minutes

Back of legs x2: 15-20 minutes (7½-10 minutes each leg).

Turn client over

Front x2 of legs: 15-20 minutes (7½-10 minutes each leg).

Feet (can also be left to end of treatment if you don’t wish to wash your hands during the massage)
8-10 minutes (3-5 minutes each foot).

Abdomen 5-10 minutes
Chest & abdomen 5-10 minutes

Arms 10-15 minutes (5-7½ minutes each arm).

Face and neck 5-10 minutes

Finish 78 – 110 minutes

Remember to allow time to get on/off couch and also turning client over.
To do a full body massage you should aim to do between 1.15 – 1.30 hour. You can do longer treatments with more experience but try not to tire yourself out initially.