Massage mediums

You can use a variety of massage oils.  The most commonly used are

Grape seed; Sweet Almond; Coconut; Pine kernel; Soya.  You can even use Olive oil but you may wish to part blend it with any of the above as it’s quite thick on its own and pungent. Other oils not listed may also be used but check with client first.

NB: Beware clients with nut allergies when choosing your oil.

There are also a variety of massage waxes that you can use that are a mixture of beeswax and oil.  A body massage wax may be more preferable as it spreads and glides more easily. This often gives a better connection on the muscle tissue.

Massage lotions may also be used.  These are normally a blend of creams and oil.  These can be used for sensitive skins or clients who prefer less oil.