Forearms and Elbows


  • Great for applying techniques on large or small areas of the body.
  • Best to use the final third of the forearm by the elbow end as this area is fleshier and glides over the skin/muscles more easily.
  • Forearm techniques can be applied lightly or deeply as a tool of effleurage.
  • It can be used to knead the tissue, dropping more weight through the forearm.
  • It can be used to apply local frictions when needed. Along muscle length or across the muscle fibres.
  • Start slowly and can apply a medium or fast pace as well.


  • Elbows are best used with caution!
  • Can apply very deep work or local frictions.
  • Try not to go too fast.
  • Apply pressure slowly so as not to overwhelm client.  Check that the pressure suits your client.
  • Good at working local areas.
  • Elbows are not everyone’s preferred choice but can be great tools of the trade when mastered and delivered effectively.