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Live the Life you Dream of!

We live in a universe that is vibrating with energy. This energy is creative and expansive. It responds to our most dominant thoughts, beliefs and emotions. You are continually creating your reality with the thoughts beliefs and emotions you are giving out every minute of every day. You either do this consciously or unconsciously. Look […] Read More »

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Follow your Heart?

Is following your heart the sensible thing to do? The spiritual books and texts always guide and encourage us to follow our hearts.  If there is something we want to know more about or we have a question, we are told, become quiet, tune into your heart energy and listen to its guidance.  Do what […] Read More »

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Do you want to create positive changes in your life?

Change is all that is happening, every moment of every day. I love this ancient chinese proverb “The only certain thing in life is change” According to quantum physics, matter (human beings, computers, rocks, trees, water) is formed of atoms, which consists of subatomic particles constantly moving.  It has been recognised that we affect these […] Read More »

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Massage at Glastonbury

I’ve been lucky enough to be spending over a week at the Glastonbury festival site offering massages. Although the public usually visit from Thursday / Friday and leave on Monday you will be amazed by the number of people who are there before setting up stalls and equipment. This can be hard work, so they […] Read More »

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