Michael GibbonsMichael Gibbons

Director and College Principal, of The College of Classical Massage.

Michael Gibbons is the College Principal and co-founded the College of Classical Massage in 1999.  He is an exceptional and highly experienced Bodywork Practitioner and Teacher. He has gained extensive knowledge over his 27 years in the Bodywork Industry. Originally training in Body Massage and Sports Massage, he has further developed his skills and experience with his training as a Mc Timoney Practitioner , studying for 4 years at the McTimoney College in Oxford. Gaining a Diploma in 1999. He has also trained in Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage and Aromatherapy.

Michael is trained as an Adult Education Teacher and teaches Holistic and Sports Massage, and a variety of Advanced Massage courses. He lectured for over 10 years on the Foundation Degree in Complementary Healthcare, for Sussex Downs College, validated by the University of Brighton.

From all his different trainings he considers himself to be a well rounded body therapist and from it he now practices and teaches Structural Rebalancing and healing bodywork.

Michael is a member of the Association of McTimoney Practitioners MAMP.

Michael is passionate about his clinic work and his teaching. It gives him great pleasure to be able to impart his knowledge to others and to play an important part in the development of their skills.

He believes in working ethically, competently and safely and since 1991 has continued to run his Bodywork practice and the massage college based on these values. Michael can be contacted on 01273 758424 or 07949 674524 to answer any enquiries or to make appointments.

Michael Gibbons


Michael developed the Massage Downloads idea so he could share some of the wonderful techniques of Classical Massage, many of which have been around for thousands of years and also other influences that he has learnt over the last 28 years. The bodywork is a result of many historical and modern day influences, fusions and mixed with a bit of his own creativity.  Massage is truly an art form and can be expressed in many ways, drawing on our inspiration to make every treatment unique.

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Elaine Gibbons

Adv.Lic, MBAcC, DipNN, Reiki

Elaine Gibbons is a highly experienced Traditional Acupuncturist, Author, Holistic Life Coach, Teacher and Nutritionist, who teaches meditation and facilitates women’s groups and Red Tents.  She has developed the idea to offer recorded downloads to support other meditation work that people might be doing, or as stand alone meditations.  These meditations accompany her Holistic Life Coaching work, supporting people making life changes, and exploring their spiritual growth.




The College of Classical Massage.

Brighton, Bath and London

Established in 1999, the College of Classical Massage is a highly regarded and well-established massage college,  teaching various internationally accredited and recognised Diploma massage courses and Certificated workshops.  We are committed to being a centre of excellence in all aspects of massage training.  Courses are held in Brighton, London and Bath, at weekends and on weekdays to cater for different studying needs and locations.

We offer high quality tuition with specialist tutors, in a supportive group setting.  “Our aim is to inspire a whole new generation of massage therapists offering exceptional levels of massage skills and  a compassionate and caring approach”.  Please check out our website, and feel free to call or email us anytime to discuss our massage courses and workshops and your requirements.  We love to hear from massage students and practitioners alike.


Current Massage Downloads include full instruction massage downloads for eight different body parts including: